samedi 18 septembre 2010

Brazil Bahia.

                                          WQS BILLABONG ECO SURF IN BAHIA

Bon dia!
Contest in Bahia its already done! 

Time go too fast.

So that was a good contest, the waves was really hard , closing-out and back-wash but I understand now ... Why all the Brazilians surf like that..and do a big aerial all sessions! hahaha!

If you want to practice you aerials !  just go there!

Our hotel was front off the contest.. really cool to have a sea view of the spot from my bed! I love it!
Grom's going to school

Keep in touch and stay tuned! 

Johanne Defay won the pro-junior today

( by the way! well done girl!) 
 We Are suppose to celebrate that tonight.. 
but .. nop!!I am going to bed early and be ready for Monday


vendredi 17 septembre 2010

Brasil WQS

Hi there!
i am in brasil for doing two contests
1- in Bahia
2- in florianopolis.
For now i doing well , and i am happy to be in round 4 .
Shame i am gonna have a really hard heat today against Coco Ho, but i thinks that's gonna be a good experience for me! she's ripping  so will see .. i  have nothing to loose and a lot to learn!
happy to be back on my surfing!
talk soon!