lundi 11 octobre 2010

Eurosima rock'n roll party!

Waterman's ball 2010,

The annual European surf industry gala dinner took place last Friday, October 1st, 2010 in a new location, the Quiksilver Campus in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France.
Organized by 
EuroSIMA, the European boardsports industry manufacturers association, the Waterman’s Ball aims to federate the boardsports industry and raise funds to promote ecological and environmental organizations.
It was a rock’n’roll attitude this year with an even more festive Waterman’s Ball. The 400 attendees – business leaders, institutions, celebrities, surfing legends – were invited to follow the glam rock “Black & White” dress code, and be imaginative and fun!
It was also an appropriate opportunity to hold the 
EuroSIMA Industry Awards ceremony honoring and celebrating companies, athletes and personalities for their outstanding contribution to the development of the boardsports industry in Europe.
A privileged moment for one and all to meet in a laid back environment, and reinforce the links between the actors of the surf industry. 

First solid swell of October. :)

Hi there !
We got such a good week end ! Waves were like 6 to 8 ft, and everyone get the step up's board out there!
That was so crowded and everyone was so excited but they keep to be friendly! SOooo cool!
I stay out there all day with my brother Matt, the waves picked up during the day ! I started with my 5'11, and really quickly I realise I was too I swap with my 6'2 and at the end of the day I was  with my 6'4!

Good training for Hawaii to use some bigger boards!
We get few photos from my friend Stéphanie ( and from Bacalao
( )
Thanks for that!
The weather wasn't so good,.. and we surfed really far outside.. so that was hard to get closed shots! but they did a good job to stay outside  and shoot us! So MERCI!!!!
Well have a look at the different shots! And enjoy!!!
This week gunna be poor i am gunna check around for find the best spot ! also if its to small ..i am gunna be back on my routine ,train, hanging out with my friend and family , October its a really nice month to be at home! so I enjoy it as much as I can!
stay tuned!

lundi 4 octobre 2010

September Session + Brasil

Quick video of few waves in biarritz + florianopolis event in brasil...
this video its a poor quality ..but better than nothing ;)
Enjoy and we keep in touch!


dimanche 3 octobre 2010

Back to france

Hey there ,
On my way back from Brasil , I did a stop to Cap Ferret in Gironde up to Lacanau for doing the french cup. 
I was so jet lag and the waves were really hard ,and solid.. but I get lucky in final and finaly won the event! So no regret to stop there :) 
By the way : Congrat to all the girls they did a good job in really hard condition! 

 Last week was a really busy week , but I had a such good time .

I gave surf lessons to few Autist kids, and its an amazing experience! they have so much love to give! It was really a  huge challenge to teach them how to surf but how good is it to see them smiling and have stars in the eyes when they catch a wave! That's make me so happy to share my passion with them and with the ocean they can escape the handicap for few hours!  It's magic!  And that's remind me why I love so much surfing! "Surf" its really a therapy!

I am still a little bit jet lag , but tomorow (monday) i am back on my training ,surf ,train, swimming ,etc..

 French Championship in biarritz 23th-october
 6 stars in Haleiwa ,Hawaii 11th-of november

VIdeo clip on the way from few training session in september

So stay tuned! and thanks for the support!