mercredi 31 mars 2010

First week in Bali

31 mars 2010

Selamat pagi! ( good morning)
Here we go ! Bali… Sounds like heaven!
Since I am kid … I am not account how many time I heard peoples talk about Bali.. Like Bali is the paradise for surfing , for meet nice peoples with a beautiful soul!  And for be honest After a week here..I am totally agreed!
 I don’t want to be too much.. But really for surfing its really awesome!
We stay in Pecatu right after dreamland! We find the perfect spot, for only 200k per night for two persons with breakfast included!
Its big house kind of a little cattle, with swimming pool, fitness room ,huge bedroom ,etc,  and we are by ourselves!
I mean I forget Yummy ! He’s so nice. He just here for check around if we need something and clean after us.. but he ‘s so kind  .. so we try to be the most tidy as we can! J
This week we surf in 3 differents spot;
Uluwatu ( a lot) , Greenball , and Serangan ( solid 6 ft)
We also visit the Uluwatu temple, saw the cultural Hindu’s dance ,
Visit the Ganasha gallery (art gallery).
And cruise around with our motorbike.. Actually we explore a such good places with it.. Was kind of like our motocross! ;)
What else.. Oh yes I broke my leach in Ulu.. on my first waves yesterday ..With a huge current and lost my board in the cave..With the go pro on it! ( desoler cafrine tu lis ca…hahha! ) Was an expensive session for me.. umm “c la vie”.. like we said in French.. Just shame cause the memory card was full! So I lost a precious images. Anyway.. its all in my mind.. and nothing can change that!
That’s it for now!  Next week I am gonna post our bali’s adventure…
Stay tuned!
Bagus bagus!

mardi 30 mars 2010

Hi Guys,
I just leave from Margaret River and after 3 hours drive I am now at the airport, In Perth and due to an epic storm , i get time for update my blog.
I went in W.A (west Australia) for start my WQS season was a 6 stars so was an important contest for get some crucial points.
Unfortunately I didn’t get through, but W.A is more than « just » an area’s contest.
Landscapes are just amazing, it’s dry vegetation with a lot of cypress tree (my favorite).
Waves are amazing, a lot of points breaks but also a funny beaches breaks.
After loose the contest we get with Hugo (savalli) and Pauline (ado) some sick waves.
W .A is the good place to be for takes a break from the “ Concrete Jungle” and breathe the calm of the beauty and enjoy the relationship with the  nature!
There , it’s all about winery, surf, chocolate, waves, playing pool and nature. 

On the last day we were back in Perth with Pauline ,after dropped Lee-Ann (Curren) et Xavier ( my coach) at the airport, we went in town with Popo (Pauline) and spend like a easily 5 hours to cruise around, visit some art gallery, library , drink some ‘’magic fruit juice”’ and have a lunch in king street with  my friends and Famous Photographer Eric and Yann Tungsten  ( have a look on their blog: http:/  )
Well I guess an other nice and enjoying day on this planet! J
   Around 4pm we’re decide it was time to go to the airport. And for be honest we were exhausted after this busy day to drive and hanging out every where. On our way to the airport the weather was so weird and became in few minutes out of control.. Was like 40 degrees Celsius and the next minute 20 degrees crazy rain, Hail and   the wind was out of control.. Hopefully we were in the car and no anymore outside…
I never been in the middle of a huge storm like this ,few cars were stuck on the side of the road with windows glass everywhere…Scary! We finally arrived at the airport two hours later after an apocalypse driving!
Hopefully my mum didn’t see me driving in the storm..hahha.. she would have  been freak it out! 
Our flight to Bali was suppose to leave at 7h40 pm ..but we waited until 5am , And the airline (virgin blue) finally decide to cancelled the flight!
I’ll let you imagine how tired we were!
We get to the hotel around 6am with the sunrise and some “
Funky Skippy”’ On the side of the road…
5 hours later we were back to the airport…long way mate!
Now I’ am actually on the plane with a lot of turbulences and I am finally on my way to Bali .. I am look like I partied all night …
Dark cycles and red eyes are on!  Stay tuned, cause we going to have so much fun and new adventures in Bali to share with you guys!

mardi 16 mars 2010

Feel lost... so frustrate and very desapointed....WQS 2010 number 1

So..How can I start...umm.. just feel lost .. maybe cause i just lost... ;(
mmm.. I couldn't find any waves, was big and messy! I don't wanna try to find few escuses.. I just try to analyse my heat and try to learn from my defeat..
I felt good before and  during my heat..  we were so far away, and we get smashed all the time.. so was pretty hard to keep a good spot in the water..
I don't know..was kind of a worst heat ever.. I feel like i couldn't express myself.. I was unluky , and I think I should surf more in france when the condition are like this..
Anyway.... this contest is over...
I 've few more days here.. so my plans it's to keep work out once/day  with my coach, do some photos with Eric Tungsten, play pool with friends! :) and have some sweety time for me to hang out with friends and do the wynerie tour! Just for enjoy and get out of my mind this contest!

Next week I am leaving to bali for 3 weeks.. and I am already exiting to surfing  perfect left on the reef ...
 I can't wait!
 keep in touch.. and I'am sorry to everybody who was supporting me thru the event ... and F## off for peoples are happy with my defeat... haha!
rock'on baby!

ASP News 2010

World Qualifying Series News
Follow ASP WQS European Surfer Amandine Sanchez on
 her French Blog!
ANGLET, France (Monday, March 15, 2010) - 
Amandine Sanchez (Anglet, FRA)
, 25, reigning French National champion and experienced
 ASP Women's World Qualifying Series (WQS) athlete, 
has been on a serious training all winter 
and sends news via her blog at

Sanchez, who has been touring on the WQS for three years now, 
had her best year ever in 2009 peaking to a Top 15 spot but failing 
to qualify for the ASP Women's World Tour while fellow French 
surfer Lee-Ann Curren (Biarritz, FRA) was getting her elite inception.

After clinching the National title at Lacanau last year,
 Sanchez showed she had the skills to win high-rated events
 and is more focused
 than ever to join Curren amongst the elite.

Meanwhile, get all latest news from Amandine through her blog, 
with backstage pics and insights from one of France's best hopes
 towards the ASP Women's World Tour

[Photo by Aquashot/]

samedi 13 mars 2010 Check it out

FUNNYday to  shoot with chicks magazine's girl and Richard Lajusticia.

CHECK it out  !!! 

tranche de vie

Là en est ma vie, au bord d'une piste où les avions passent et trépassent dans un va et vient qui n'en fini plus ,
dans une immensité d'espace où mon regard se perd comme au plus profond de mon âme.
Une valise , un boardbag et tout repart.
 Dans un même découverte ; de soi , des autres , des cultures mais les voyages sont finalement si courts...Peut-être trop court pour vraiment découvrir.
Ne restons-nous pas dans notre propre confort?
Ne voyons-nous pas ce que l'on a envie de voir ?
 Après réflexion, je pense que oui, nos pensées sont conditionnées par nos origines, notre éducation, nos émotions mais aussi et beaucoup par notre culture...
Donc finalement chaque nouvelle expérience n’est autre qu’une simple interprétation complètement personnelle et subjective.
 Le voyage j’en fait mon propre roman, rempli de rebondissements, de bons moments , comme de mauvais mais au final le temps continu de filer comme un éclair...
Mon métier n’est pas de battre des adversaires mais de repousser mes propres limites chaque jour.
 Par moment pris dans l'enjeu et le tourbillon de la compétition on en oublie l'essentiel: le surf, cette passion qui nous anime tous . Mon entraînement d’ hier fût laborieux, mon surf minable, pendant un instant je me suis dit à quoi bon! Je  n'y arriverai pas. Alors certes en étant objective ce ne sera sans doute pas facile, mais l'espoir fait vivre. Et puis la réussite n'est pas une fin en soi.
Si je ne réussi pas dans mes compétitions je réussirai ailleurs... ou pas.
Mais une chose est certaine je veux sortir de l'eau en souriant!
J’ai la chance inouïe de faire le plus beau des métiers .
Et je souhaite simplement apprécier chaque instant de cette tranche de vie.
 Et puis la suite ... et bien qui sait??
 On verra bien.....

vendredi 5 mars 2010

January in Reunion Island

Hi guys!
Sorry I didnt update my blog lately..
Well , my start of the year was pretty sweet for me. I left in Reunion Island for a months and a half , visit my friends , re-charge the battery , do some photos and training hard on my surfing.
Waves are so fun and really diverse .. Surf point breack and reef waves its necessary for work and repeat my manouvers . Its Important for me to work on my technical repertory  with an aim of having a good start in the contests.

Was almost 4 years I didn't back in Reunion Island.. such a long time! So good to be there, and feel so thanks full to Bram ( o'neill team manager) for sending me over there!

We scores some solid swell in st pierre, and amazing st leu too!
in a end of my trip i get an oursin in my foot ... so i spend 3 weeks of the water .. but I was back in france.. and with sonow on the beach and 9 degres water..for be honest.. was not really hard! :)

few photos from there!

stay tuned...
xx Amandine.