samedi 18 septembre 2010

Brazil Bahia.

                                          WQS BILLABONG ECO SURF IN BAHIA

Bon dia!
Contest in Bahia its already done! 

Time go too fast.

So that was a good contest, the waves was really hard , closing-out and back-wash but I understand now ... Why all the Brazilians surf like that..and do a big aerial all sessions! hahaha!

If you want to practice you aerials !  just go there!

Our hotel was front off the contest.. really cool to have a sea view of the spot from my bed! I love it!
Grom's going to school

Keep in touch and stay tuned! 

Johanne Defay won the pro-junior today

( by the way! well done girl!) 
 We Are suppose to celebrate that tonight.. 
but .. nop!!I am going to bed early and be ready for Monday


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