mardi 20 décembre 2011


Hi guys! Sorry not too Much news lately!
For be short.. I went to Switzerland few days , and was So refreshing !
Then I went to Genova,Italia..was fun , did some footage
for the movie "swell lovers" But no worries i Will post a vidéo about this! Soon!

Actually I am in Rehab for my shoulder, try to be ready for 2012!!
Not sure yet if I am gonna keep on tour ,Times change.... First i wanna get my shoulder done , and then ..i Will decide!
Something I Know , I'll keep surfing! So stay tunes and don t listen rumors ... All right , That's it for now...
Follow your dreams guys, that s the only things i wanna do for now! So rock'on...
Talk soon'

2 commentaires:

  1. Bon rétablissement Championne, reviens nous vite!

  2. force, courage et confiance!