vendredi 9 mars 2012

Gold Coast

Hi guys,
I was in Coolangatta with all the frenchies..
Here some photos from last week. (Special Thanks to Syndiana, who was seated all day long on the beach to shoot all of us..) 
We got small waves but enough for training twice a day with Patrick Flores, aka Foirak , our head French coach . 
Was so nice to all hang out together .. like a family.. still good to feel like at home when we are away more than a half of the year.. I had such good time with my friends last week , A lot of fun, laughs, and good dinner like the crepe party , or the "poulet coco" with my Tahitians friends.. I was so happy to spend time with all of them! 
I got a new board from Wayne Webster , I tried only once but looks really cool! I don't want to talk too fast...but looks like this is a "magic one".. will see after more sess'
I am now in Newcastle for the second event of the year, the waves were pumping yesterday.. I couldn't surf cause I was a little bit sick.. but now I feel better and I can't wait to be back in the water.. there are still a solid set so I might going to surf my emery board and I will try more the "new" one tomorrow.. 
Stayed tune ! xo!  more coming soon...

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