lundi 5 juillet 2010

Reunion Island june 2010

Hi there! June was suppose to be a relax month at home..
But Actually I am kind of confuse about my "home" Where is my real home? Should we call home where we use to leave or where you're heart is? I am feel like I am from everywhere and in a same time from nowhere.. But something I realised this year , When I'm feeling "sick home " ,I think about this little rocks in the middle of the Indian ocean.. Well of course I really Enjoy to be in France and see my friends and family ! But Reunion Island is my favorite place to be in this world!
I like the lifestyle there, the waves, the sunrise,the sunset, the food,my special and lovely friends !
I like to wake up early and to jump in the water with my sleepy head , and get barrel! I love to stay all day in the clear water with the sun burning my face! 
I love to cruse under water between set,and watch my favorite fish " perroquet"cruising between the reef . And when i go out the water in the end of the day,I just enjoy an "apero sunset" with my dodo! And then ...i just have to sleep and start an other magic day! Woohoo! Life its just simple and lovely there.. I like the feeling of freedom to be in the middle of the ocean.. Far away of everything! that's open my mind .. bizarrely! I find my heaven! But shut!!! don't tell anyone.. Just enjoy some photos from my friend( Mathieu Ducros)

Ps : stay tuned an other post coming soon with more photos From Matt, and Armand.
And also a video editing by Falling angels prod coming soon...

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