dimanche 3 octobre 2010

Back to france

Hey there ,
On my way back from Brasil , I did a stop to Cap Ferret in Gironde up to Lacanau for doing the french cup. 
I was so jet lag and the waves were really hard ,and solid.. but I get lucky in final and finaly won the event! So no regret to stop there :) 
By the way : Congrat to all the girls they did a good job in really hard condition! 

 Last week was a really busy week , but I had a such good time .

I gave surf lessons to few Autist kids, and its an amazing experience! they have so much love to give! It was really a  huge challenge to teach them how to surf but how good is it to see them smiling and have stars in the eyes when they catch a wave! That's make me so happy to share my passion with them and with the ocean they can escape the handicap for few hours!  It's magic!  And that's remind me why I love so much surfing! "Surf" its really a therapy!

I am still a little bit jet lag , but tomorow (monday) i am back on my training ,surf ,train, swimming ,etc..

 French Championship in biarritz 23th-october
 6 stars in Haleiwa ,Hawaii 11th-of november

VIdeo clip on the way from few training session in september

So stay tuned! and thanks for the support! 

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