lundi 11 octobre 2010

First solid swell of October. :)

Hi there !
We got such a good week end ! Waves were like 6 to 8 ft, and everyone get the step up's board out there!
That was so crowded and everyone was so excited but they keep to be friendly! SOooo cool!
I stay out there all day with my brother Matt, the waves picked up during the day ! I started with my 5'11, and really quickly I realise I was too I swap with my 6'2 and at the end of the day I was  with my 6'4!

Good training for Hawaii to use some bigger boards!
We get few photos from my friend Stéphanie ( and from Bacalao
( )
Thanks for that!
The weather wasn't so good,.. and we surfed really far outside.. so that was hard to get closed shots! but they did a good job to stay outside  and shoot us! So MERCI!!!!
Well have a look at the different shots! And enjoy!!!
This week gunna be poor i am gunna check around for find the best spot ! also if its to small ..i am gunna be back on my routine ,train, hanging out with my friend and family , October its a really nice month to be at home! so I enjoy it as much as I can!
stay tuned!

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