samedi 6 novembre 2010

French Championship 2010

Hi there!
Last week was tha annual french championship!
last year  I won the title in Lacanau so it was important for me to keep my title..and specialy on my own spot!
I almost did.. but in the last minute of the final Justine Dupont get :"The  Bomb" and leave me in the water with all my regret.. That was too close.. but this the sport! some time the luck come on your way and sometimes not!
That was still a good event and specialy in Biarritz! how good is it to have support from your dear friends and family! I wish i can bring them in my pocket in all the contest around the world.. well back to the reality.. i am on my way to hawaii. for the last event and i am really motivate to do my best and score good waves !
that's it for now!
but enjoy some photos from my friend steph' and bacalao' go have a look on their website for see all the event's photos!!
talk soon ,and stay tuned about my hawaian 's adventure! shaka shaka!!
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