vendredi 30 septembre 2011

Coup de gueule!

Even if you want to destroy everything around you ...Keep smiling....

Sometimes everything going on the wrong way.... 
You just have to wait for a better day ...and keep believe in yourself.... 
I decided to not doing the last WQS in Azores for be a part of the french team in Ireland. 
JUst cause I love my team and its the best experience you can have to be   a part of your national team. in all sport's career  you have to take decison and make a choice ..
Ireland with the french team was my choice . And I was here for win the title!
When you a part of a team you just feel all this massive and  positive energy..and you feel you can push all your limits..
But feel everything go on a wrong  way..
this morning I left our hotel's room super motivated. We were in semis final with my  french team mate against two portugueses. that was suppose to be a good heat not easy but just france against portugal... 
Unfortunately after 2 min i was sitting  between the Portuguese and I couldn't take any good waves.. 
they just was playing with me ..ANd i felt so alone and impotent front of the situation! 
So i went straight to the second heat draw..last chance for win... 

WAves was insane.. the tide was a little bit low.. but i was so exited to surf! 
My heat wasn't suppose to be a hard one.. And my team and I didn t understand  the scores yet... thought my surf  was enough for get through..but sometimes.. you don't know why.. but they just underscores you.. and that's it..

That s the worst feeling when you lost an event because the panel of judges are incompetent  .. 
your team manager  can fight for you and try to change the  final decision but when the heat is over this is over.. that 's it! .... 
So here we go! they just break my goal to win this title .
hopefully we are a strong team, and we are stand together and we keep going on the
 team title race! And I am sure ..we gonna win! cause i believe in karma!

some judges pushed us out of  the event, Hugo Savalli , Jules Thomet and I were unfortunetaly  victims of unfair decision... but we keep the head up! 
It s important to tell  and show them ,they were wrong! 

That was essential for me to denounce this!
so yep.. that's it ! you won  a battle but not the war!! 
And .. our judges are human so I guess they can make mistake.. but  i hope that wasn't volunteer mistake for pushing their team up! 
that's for what all the frenchies  are motivate and ready to get the show on! 
Good to have my blog for write all my feeling and grudge of this event! 
sometimes we have to keep polite and politically correct in sport if we don t want to have trouble... so the best defense is to : 

  • keep smiling
  • Stay positive 
  • letting go all the grudge..

And pass through this .. tomorow is an another day
And tomorow we gonna wake up for win the  team race ! So be ready.... frenchy's are on fire!!!!! 
woop woop!!!

see you ...or not.. let's have a drink now! 

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