jeudi 10 mars 2011

Back IN australia!

HEllo every'one,
 I am back in Australia since a week now. I was there for cheering up all the europeans.
That was a good contest specially for the girls they blow my mind! The new generation are ripping so hard!!
Carissa won the event ,she was so solid in her surfing ! she show us all her repertory of new school maneuvers. that was just insane !!
Sally missed the final for nothing..I was kind of sad for her.. she was so close!! " C est la vie"!!
Next time..
That was a really good start for popo in the world tour  she surfed well . she lost in the round 4 against Tyler the finalist of the event! Well done.
Michel has a good start too he finished 9th and Tiago finished 3!
Good to see them at this level!

well 1 more day in snapper and we going to Newcatle for a 6 stars event.
That s gonna be the first event of the year .. and It's important to have a good start . The forecast looks so-so..
the waves gonna certainly be small! but i am feeling confident with my boards! And i am exiting to be back   on  tour!! yoohoo! I wil update my blog next week .
You can follow us on the:
stay tuned'
kelly won the event.. Again!! 

Carissa carving Hard

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