mardi 30 mars 2010

Hi Guys,
I just leave from Margaret River and after 3 hours drive I am now at the airport, In Perth and due to an epic storm , i get time for update my blog.
I went in W.A (west Australia) for start my WQS season was a 6 stars so was an important contest for get some crucial points.
Unfortunately I didn’t get through, but W.A is more than « just » an area’s contest.
Landscapes are just amazing, it’s dry vegetation with a lot of cypress tree (my favorite).
Waves are amazing, a lot of points breaks but also a funny beaches breaks.
After loose the contest we get with Hugo (savalli) and Pauline (ado) some sick waves.
W .A is the good place to be for takes a break from the “ Concrete Jungle” and breathe the calm of the beauty and enjoy the relationship with the  nature!
There , it’s all about winery, surf, chocolate, waves, playing pool and nature. 

On the last day we were back in Perth with Pauline ,after dropped Lee-Ann (Curren) et Xavier ( my coach) at the airport, we went in town with Popo (Pauline) and spend like a easily 5 hours to cruise around, visit some art gallery, library , drink some ‘’magic fruit juice”’ and have a lunch in king street with  my friends and Famous Photographer Eric and Yann Tungsten  ( have a look on their blog: http:/  )
Well I guess an other nice and enjoying day on this planet! J
   Around 4pm we’re decide it was time to go to the airport. And for be honest we were exhausted after this busy day to drive and hanging out every where. On our way to the airport the weather was so weird and became in few minutes out of control.. Was like 40 degrees Celsius and the next minute 20 degrees crazy rain, Hail and   the wind was out of control.. Hopefully we were in the car and no anymore outside…
I never been in the middle of a huge storm like this ,few cars were stuck on the side of the road with windows glass everywhere…Scary! We finally arrived at the airport two hours later after an apocalypse driving!
Hopefully my mum didn’t see me driving in the storm..hahha.. she would have  been freak it out! 
Our flight to Bali was suppose to leave at 7h40 pm ..but we waited until 5am , And the airline (virgin blue) finally decide to cancelled the flight!
I’ll let you imagine how tired we were!
We get to the hotel around 6am with the sunrise and some “
Funky Skippy”’ On the side of the road…
5 hours later we were back to the airport…long way mate!
Now I’ am actually on the plane with a lot of turbulences and I am finally on my way to Bali .. I am look like I partied all night …
Dark cycles and red eyes are on!  Stay tuned, cause we going to have so much fun and new adventures in Bali to share with you guys!

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