mercredi 31 mars 2010

First week in Bali

31 mars 2010

Selamat pagi! ( good morning)
Here we go ! Bali… Sounds like heaven!
Since I am kid … I am not account how many time I heard peoples talk about Bali.. Like Bali is the paradise for surfing , for meet nice peoples with a beautiful soul!  And for be honest After a week here..I am totally agreed!
 I don’t want to be too much.. But really for surfing its really awesome!
We stay in Pecatu right after dreamland! We find the perfect spot, for only 200k per night for two persons with breakfast included!
Its big house kind of a little cattle, with swimming pool, fitness room ,huge bedroom ,etc,  and we are by ourselves!
I mean I forget Yummy ! He’s so nice. He just here for check around if we need something and clean after us.. but he ‘s so kind  .. so we try to be the most tidy as we can! J
This week we surf in 3 differents spot;
Uluwatu ( a lot) , Greenball , and Serangan ( solid 6 ft)
We also visit the Uluwatu temple, saw the cultural Hindu’s dance ,
Visit the Ganasha gallery (art gallery).
And cruise around with our motorbike.. Actually we explore a such good places with it.. Was kind of like our motocross! ;)
What else.. Oh yes I broke my leach in Ulu.. on my first waves yesterday ..With a huge current and lost my board in the cave..With the go pro on it! ( desoler cafrine tu lis ca…hahha! ) Was an expensive session for me.. umm “c la vie”.. like we said in French.. Just shame cause the memory card was full! So I lost a precious images. Anyway.. its all in my mind.. and nothing can change that!
That’s it for now!  Next week I am gonna post our bali’s adventure…
Stay tuned!
Bagus bagus!

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