vendredi 5 mars 2010

January in Reunion Island

Hi guys!
Sorry I didnt update my blog lately..
Well , my start of the year was pretty sweet for me. I left in Reunion Island for a months and a half , visit my friends , re-charge the battery , do some photos and training hard on my surfing.
Waves are so fun and really diverse .. Surf point breack and reef waves its necessary for work and repeat my manouvers . Its Important for me to work on my technical repertory  with an aim of having a good start in the contests.

Was almost 4 years I didn't back in Reunion Island.. such a long time! So good to be there, and feel so thanks full to Bram ( o'neill team manager) for sending me over there!

We scores some solid swell in st pierre, and amazing st leu too!
in a end of my trip i get an oursin in my foot ... so i spend 3 weeks of the water .. but I was back in france.. and with sonow on the beach and 9 degres water..for be honest.. was not really hard! :)

few photos from there!

stay tuned...
xx Amandine.

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