mardi 16 mars 2010

Feel lost... so frustrate and very desapointed....WQS 2010 number 1

So..How can I start...umm.. just feel lost .. maybe cause i just lost... ;(
mmm.. I couldn't find any waves, was big and messy! I don't wanna try to find few escuses.. I just try to analyse my heat and try to learn from my defeat..
I felt good before and  during my heat..  we were so far away, and we get smashed all the time.. so was pretty hard to keep a good spot in the water..
I don't know..was kind of a worst heat ever.. I feel like i couldn't express myself.. I was unluky , and I think I should surf more in france when the condition are like this..
Anyway.... this contest is over...
I 've few more days here.. so my plans it's to keep work out once/day  with my coach, do some photos with Eric Tungsten, play pool with friends! :) and have some sweety time for me to hang out with friends and do the wynerie tour! Just for enjoy and get out of my mind this contest!

Next week I am leaving to bali for 3 weeks.. and I am already exiting to surfing  perfect left on the reef ...
 I can't wait!
 keep in touch.. and I'am sorry to everybody who was supporting me thru the event ... and F## off for peoples are happy with my defeat... haha!
rock'on baby!

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